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          Product Details

          We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Home Furnishing Items and offer an exclusive collection of Drapery, Home Furnishings, and Fabrics in splendid colors and designs that gives gorgeous appeal. Our product range includes:
          At Home Fabrics, we chose from a wide range of vivid designs, patterns and colors in Home Textiles that brings the color of nature close to you. Moreover, we keep on adding new designs every month to keep up with the changing taste of our buyers.


          Home Fabrics gives high emphasis on the quality of the products. We maintain the highest standards to ensure excellent quality of fabrics through stringent quality control measures. We have the most advanced manufacturing facilities that allow us to provide our customers with high quality products. Qualified professionals perform quality control checks before the final fabrics are sent to the market. The delivery system is planned, monitored and tracked right up to the customers' doorsteps.

          Our Potential:

          Our constant commitment for excellence has enabled us to earn reputation and strength in the market. Our each design is unique and executed with utmost care. We export our elegant collection of Home Furnishings, Fabrics and other products to countries like USA, Europe and Singapore. Our products have been highly acclaimed for their soothing colors and eye catching designs.

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