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          Home Page ?
          About Us ?
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          Company Profile
          Business Type Manufacturer and Exporters
          Export Percentage 100%
          Primary Competitive Advantages Impeccable quality, competitive prices and prompt delivery 

          No of Staff 124
          Year of Establishment 2004
          No of Production Lines 1
          Export Markets Worldwide
          OEM Service Provided Yes
          Production Type Automatic and manual
          No of Designers 2
          Monthly Production Capacity 340000 Metres Per Annum
          Product Range

          Home Furnishings And Fabrics for contract
          Drapery panel, Pillow Covers, Bed Spreads, Bed Cover,Quilts,Upholstery Fabrics, Duvet Covers/Comforter sets made in Silk, linen, cotton, polyester and Blends.

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